Instant School Management

It is a fully functional School Management System in which you can maintain record of employees, students.
Using this Application you can maintain various department like library ,hostel, transport ,finance , store ,exam etc.
In this application each and every user have their own centralize data hence using this user can access their data from anywhere any time.
We provided separate environment for employee ,students and Parents.

Admin Dashboard

On Dashboard panel we provided various functionality and shortcut for give easy access to user.

On dashboard user can view total number of employee, total number of course, total number of batch, total number of student.

Also user can maintain To Do list.

On dashboard we also provided task manager it shows which task is assign to whom and it’s completed or not.

Also you can see school schedule, fee report in graph and timetable.

Subject Allocation

On subject allocation you can assign teaching subject to employee department-wise.

Also you can edit or delete subject allotted to employee very easily.

Salary Setting

On this form you can declare monthly salary of employee easily. It help to user set particular employee’s salary easily due to search or auto-load.

Transport Allocation

In transport allocation you can assign transport routes by selecting route, destination, user type, if there is a student then it’s course, batch and student name, if there is an employee then by it’s name. you can also set route time. Like from date to to-date.


  • Easy to use and accessible world wide.

  • In this application employee management will be done very easily.

  • You can handle multiple institute within a single application with all there respected departments and employees.

  • You can assign courses to respected employee for guiding a student.

  • You can insert new course which you are going to teach in academics.

  • We also provided online exam module hence taking exams goes very easily also student can get there results with a short time.

  • Hostel management.

  • Store management.

  • Library management.

  • Event management.

  • Finance management.