Instant Reporting

This application is use for keep track of daily call report of MR. This application also generate Employee daily work report hence you can easily find out which employee doing there job properly or not.
You can also calculate daily expenses of each and every employees, Also you can calculate monthly expense analysis. This application keep records of doctors, chemist, stockiest of related/ user region or working region.
You can also calculate employee monthly salary by it’s total working days also you can generate monthly payment slip.
Using this application user can maintain there inward stock.

Admin Dashboard

  • Dashboard give’s following shortcuts

    • Region

    • SFC

    • Employee

    • Designation

    • Circular Notice

    • DCR Lock

    • Monthly Payment

    • Holiday

It also display whole website analysis like total users, total Doctors, total SFC Count, total Stockiest count, total chemist count.

Also provide total monthly expenses, monthly call made, total monthly call average, monthly total Pre Order Booking(POB) and total region count.

Employee Creation

On this form you can add information about employee like name, email-id, phone number etc.

On same form you can provide/assign login details to user like username and password.

Payment Declaration

On this form you can decide or declare payment of employee in which you can declare total monthly earnings of users like basic amount, EDU amount, HRA, CONVY amount etc. also you can apply monthly deduction amounts like professional amount, ESIC amount and PF amount.

Add Doctor

This is doctor information form on this form you can add doctor information like name, date of birth, email-id also user can maintain professional details of doctors like qualification, registration number and specialty.


  • Easy to maintain record of users.

  • Centralize database system.

  • Easy to calculate monthly salary of employee.

  • Can store multiple product details.

  • Keep track on employee working.

  • Also maintain stock details.

  • User can generate reports easily.